Kalem Island History

Kalem Island's mythical history dates back to B.C. 406, where the Spartan fleets fought against the Athens navy around the island. After the war, Athens has declared its liberation and The Spartans have lost the war with almost 200 sunken ships. Since then, Kalem Island is home to an ancient past and today, the island keeps hosting its guests in a unique atmosphere featuring remarkable historic pieces in every single corner. Surrounded by antique values and situated in between the Bademli Village shores and Midilli Island, Kalem Island is only 450 meters away from the main land, and only 13 sea miles away from Midilli.

Oliviera Resort

Upon reaching the island, an authentic climate and a rich array of green welcomes you as if the whole island is covered with a sheer, net curtain. In fact, the real owners of Kalem Adası are the hundreds of various plants growing on its soil and the special plants brought to the island from all around the world. Oliviera Resort, hosting its guests with a ''Matchless Island' concept, is a Special Category resort where natural architectural ingredients are used to express its main theme. The facades and interiors are also loyal to its supreme and refined design, not to mention the rooms that reflect a sense of purity and comfort at the same time. We're proud and happy to host you at Oliviera Resort and will maximize your experience with our sandy beach, our Blue Flag sea reminiscence of the best hues of turquoise sea water ever, along with thermal sources and historical wonders existing all over the island.